A World Without Princes

A World Without Princes: The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

While reading one might get the sense that this is an anti-feminist book and view, however it actually points out that extreme views (on any side) are more harmful than helpful. The ending of the 1st book, resulted in The School for Good and Evil being changed to Girls vs. Boys. Extremes on both ends of the spectrum are on display. However, Sophie and Agatha are trying to figure out what they really want and who they really are. The author does a great job at pointing out the flaws of characters, which makes them likeable, yet still creating a very magical realm. Secrets are hinted at and left open, hopefully to be explored more in future books. Agatha misses her Prince Tedros and Sophie is trying to hard to be good that a wish is heard and the girls are brought back to the school. A new Dean and broken hearted Tedros have changed the school, and possibly not for the better. Sophie goes undercover this time and in an effort to get back home, find her true love the former School Master (but is it really love?) Agatha and Tedros might get their happy ending, that will be for future books. As the girls find out more about themselves and the new world they have entered, the reader starts to think there is more to the town that the girls came from than we were lead to believe. Future books will hopefully answer so many questions.

Character List/Book Summary:

Sophie = tries to be good, doesn’t want to be evil, however a spell that is cast hints at her soul being broken for an unspeakable act (the murder she committed in book 1). Upset her father is marring Honora, and tries to stop it. The Princes want her dead when she comes back to school. She comes between Agatha and Tedros because she is afraid to lose her best friend, only to learn that growing up means more than keeping a best friend. Uses the name Filip, what her father wanted to name his son, when she goes undercover.

Agatha = wishes for a different ending than what she chose to the previous story. Realizes the new Dean is using butterflies to listen in on conversations, and discovers that the new Dean was once banished and not allowed back onto school grounds by the former School Master.

School Master = possibly replaceable.

Honora = has two boys, Jacob and Adam, was Sophie’s mother’s best friend. 

Stefan = Sophie’s father asks Agatha to keep Sophie safe when they escape into the woods again

Callis = Agatha’s mother, explains that the Elders in town previously arranged marriages and Stefan suffered worse than all of them, now the town Elders just approve of marriages.

Tedros = Prince of Camelot, heard Agatha’s wish, wants Sophie dead at the start of the book so he an Agatha can live happily ever after. After Agatha asks him not to kill Sophie Tedros puts a bounty on both of their heads. Realizes he is in need of a friend when Filip asks him for help finding the Storian.

Professor Dovey = Finds Agatha and Sophie when they make their way back to the school

Professor Sader = former professor, died, seer who could predict the future and told the School Master what his future was.

Lady Lesso = protected both schools form the Princes that want to kill Sophie, says Evelyn Sader should not even be in the school and is confused how it happened. 

Evelyn Sader = Professor Sader’s sister, now the new Dean, wants Agatha and Sophie to be students. Thinks girls without boys is the happiest ending, because of her own heartbreak. Turning her brother’s writing and many fairy tales around to suit her agenda. Previously expelled from the School for Evil for Crimes against students. Loved the School Master.

Yara = does not speak, rumored to be allowed to stay at the School for Girls out of sympathy. Agatha thinks she hears her speaking to Dean Sadder.

Hester = the witch with a tattoo on her neck, recovered from the last battle. Questions Agatha on what she really wants and agrees to help her find and kiss Tedros if it means things will get back to the “right” order.

Dot = now thin and popular is not sure she wants to go back to being evil

Professor Anemone = now forced to teach de-beautification classes, scowls at Agatha because of what happened at the school.

Professor Helga = had been Yuba the gnome, used a spell to hide in the school everyday, taught Merlin the spell

Hort = wolfman who befriends Filip

Aric = helps Tedros and then turns on him, claims he broke the spell that Lady Lesso used to protect the castle.

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