On the Map

One the Map: A Mind-Expanding Exploration of the Way the World Looks by Simon Garfield 

I listened to this instead of read it, and I think the book really would have been a better read than audible. However, even the audible was amazing. For a history lover and not necessarily a cartographer hearing how maps changed and were viewed during history was enjoyable. The author does a great job of going beyond just a street map, but talks about mapping the brain, murder maps, novelty maps, GPS, navigational charts, and so much more. The way the author, Simon Garfield, writes the reader cares not only about how the world has changed but how maps reflect society. While acknowledging that maps of yesteryear may be considered offensive today, the context of the map in history is what is important. Maps show what people valued knowing about, how society thought of other cultures (or even parts of town), and how maps can communicate all these things. While not a book you start reading and cannot put down it is one you do want to finish reading and come back to when you do put it down.

If you have read this author before this book will be a welcome addition to knowledge you want to gain. If this is the first time reading this author this book makes you want to read some of his other works.

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