The Mangle Street Murders

The Mangle Street Murders by M.R.C. Kasaian

I waited over a week from finishing this book to writing this post. It saddens me to say this, but just skip this book. The pacing of the character development and plot twists was not enjoyable. One of my favorite genre is mystery, yet this book left much to be desired. I usually grow emotionally attached the characters I read, but this book was a struggle to force myself to continue reading. I only finished, because I wanted to know if the predictable ending would have a plot twist. Sadly, there was not much of a twist as I would have liked and so the ending was half predictable. The characters do not seem to develop as the story goes and there is no depth or background to the main characters. The ability to connect with the character seems forced, and the main characters did not endear me to them enough to want to even think about reading any other books by this author.

For a life long avid reader and one who cherishes books and characters, I want to donate this book to the nearest free book swap I can find. The log of having read this book is the only memory I will want to keep. The book and characters can be forgot, just so long as have a note to not read this in the future.


I cannot say it is a book not worth reading I just have no praise for it. Everyone has their own taste in novels, before deciding to trust my judgment see if my other reviews appeal to your tastes.


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