A Treacherous Curse

A Treacherous Curse by Deanne Rayburn

I finished reading this book and had to wait before writing the review. The author evolves characters in a natural way, that it made me hesitant to write my view of the characters. This is the third book in the series and I am enthralled by the characters, so much so that I worry writing a review would bias a reader.  The developments for each character come naturally and at a pace that does not feel rushed or untrue to the character. Stoker’s nature does not make his past easy to open up, but when he does open to Veronica it is slow and bit by bit. Veronica’s family make her motivates change as she gets more and more involved in the mysteries. Stoker’s ex-wife is introduced and Veronica almost seems like a jealous girlfriend, but you can see why she dislikes her. Stoker’s ex-wife is completely unworthy of him and yet it is Stoker or his made to feel unworthy by her and her family. Veronica is made to feel unworthy by her family, but is shown small signs of interest. Veronica is there to point out Stoker’s strengths and not let him wallow in misery and Stoker is there to be a family to Veronica.

While these two seem an odd pair, they make the best team and I can only hope that book four keeps the characters true to each other and continues to develop at a natural pace.  I will not do my normal character list, as even a few weeks out from reading I am still bias in my view of the characters and feel that is unfair to readers.  I will highly recommend this series as it is truly enjoyable and wonderfully unique characters.

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