The Dark Prophecy

The Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan

The story picks up at kind of an odd point and ends with an odd guest showing up.  Leo and Calypso are still together and figuring out how to make their relationship work, while on a mission.  Lester/Apollo is still trying to become his godly form again.  All three stumble into the Waystation and the adventure starts there.  Immortals from Apollo’s past show up and the chaos ensues.   Meg becomes part of the group again and her powers are improving.  Apollo who wants to see the good in people, brings some questionable members to the Waystation and the rag-tag team is held together by the bonds of being an outcast.

Rick Riordan as always does a great job of weaving the mythological and modern society together to create this adventures.  The new creatures that make appearances in this adventure are heartbreaking and scary.  The joy of the victories are dampened by the losses that occurred.  The reality of battle is shown in this book while showing how the ones who survive cope with the lose of those who did not.  Riordan is able to incorporate the sadness, hate, and woe in the world today, while showing happiness is possible if you search for it, love can be found if you look for it, and friendship is what makes the impossible possible.

Characters/Book Summary:

Lester Papadopouloss/Apollo: stripped of his powers Apollo is stuck in this human form as he goes on a quest to regain his godly status.

Festus: metal dragon Leo created and take the trio to Indianapolis

Leo Valdez: demigod, tinkerer, helps the Waystation defend itself, loves Calypso, decides what he wants to attempt for his future, and then ends up on a solo mission.

Calypso: former immortal, loves Leo, works with those in the Waystation to regain some of her godly powers, starts making decisions about what she would like her future to be.

Meg McCaffrey: Apollo’s demigod master, leaves Nero, starts to bond with Apollo, faces her fears along her jouney

Nero: Apollo’s enemy, Meg’s stepfather, working with Triumvirate

Hijo: decapitated Greek Warrior in prime of his life, led Apollo, Calypso, & Leo to the Waystation

Emmie: one of Artemis’s hunters, caretaker of the Waystation, names Hemithea, left the Hunters to be with Jo

Zoe Nightshade: half-sister to Calypso, one of Artemis’s hunters

Jo: caretaker of the Waystation, was one of Artemis’s hunters, had been a bootlegger, left the hunters to be with Emmie

Georgina: Emmie & Jo’s daughter, missing, went crazy after visiting the oracle, could have a surprise father

Marcus: looks like Nico DiAngel, but vicious & mean, accompanying Meg from New York to Indianapolis and loses her on the way

Britomartis: goddess of nets, captures Apollo, has them go on a quest and defend the Waystation

Trophonius: Apollo’s son, Agamethus’s half-brother, becomes an oracle

Commodus: “New Hercules” overly muscular caricature, son of Marcus Alurelius, violent temper, Apollo knew him in the past, plans on having the naming ceremony he never had in Rome

Lityerses: son of King Midas, very good at killing people, able to change his ways with help from Apollo

Thalia Grace: Lieutenant to Artemis, sent to help Apollo defend the Waystation

Artemis: Apollo’s twin sister

Grover Underwood: satyr, Lord of the Wild, Meg “found” him

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