The Digital Doctor

The Digital Doctor by Robert Wachter

I read this for work and it is an interesting view of what the future of medicine and medical technology could be.  Going through each stage of the electronic health record (EHR) introduction, regulation, and potential for the future is an eye opening journey from a doctor’s view.  While I don’t know if I want Dr. Wachter’s version of the future to be reality, there are many tempting and appealing aspects of what the merging of technology could bring to the medical field.

Overall, an interesting read and one that would be recommended for those in the medical field, or thinking of going into the medical field.  The wisdom of this doctor who has seen changes over his career and sees the potential for the future is something that is a valid perspective.  This doctor’s writing style is easy enough for a layperson to understand and can make an impact on those in the medical profession if they are willing to have an open mind.

The future is coming and it will be interesting to see what that reality will be.

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