Wrath of the Bloodeye

Wrath of the Bloodeye (Last Apprentice Book 5) by Joseph Delaney

Another great book in the series, with foreshadowing of the plot twist at the end.  The ending was such a refreshing twist makes me want to pick up book six and start reading right now.  Watching Tom and Alice grow in the previous books, made the ending heartbreaking.  Tom is sent to apprentice with Bill Arkwright for six month both to learn from him and to be protected from the Fiend.  The Fiend is running free and sending his children after Tom, with a secret child that is revealed at the end.  Alice continues to use dark magic to protect Tom, while trying to prevent herself from going completely dark.  Tom helps Bill with a family matter and learns about fighting and ways of managing the dark from Bill in return.  The author weaves a great tale and the series is enjoyable, with this book putting a nice spin on future books.  Tom and Alice continue to grow in their feelings towards each other and fight those feelings all at the same time.  The Spook disapproves of Alice as always, but this time she almost ended up in a pit.

Character List/Book Summary:

Tom = John Gregory’s apprentice, must learn how to train under a new Master for 6 months, has to fight water witches to save the lives of those he cares about, offered a gift at Walpurgis Night from Grimalkin, is offered to finish his apprenticeship under Arkwright, comes to enjoy and like the wolfhounds at the Mill

“Spook” John Gregory = leaves Tom behind on jobs to study and protect him from the Fiend, sends Tom to be taught by one of his former apprentices & protect him the Fiend, disapproves of how Alice helps Tom and the closeness between Alice and Tom

Alice Deane = had a witches training, tries to hold back the dark, spent two years with Bony Lizzie, knows the marsh area from her time with Bony Lizzie, vows to protect Tom, summons Grimalkin to help her and Tom

Fiend = the dark made flesh, when controlled by the Pendle witches told to kill Tom, now on his own, can control time, has a secret child, claims he and Tom will work together in the future, tries to convert Tom to the Dark so he can rule the world forever, is hobbled (by an unknown person) so that if he kills Tom himself he can only be on Earth for 100 years but if one of his children do it he can be on Earth forever (same if Tom turns dark)

Bony Lizzie = malevolent witch, now in the Spook’s garden, knows the truth about Alice’s parents

Toddy = one of the press gang that kidnaps Tom in Chipenden and shows up again when Tom is working with Arkwright

Bill Arkwright = former solider, former apprentice of John Gregory, reluctantly agrees to let Tom train with him for 6 months, at the end of 6 months offers him the chance to finish his apprenticeship with him if needed, allows the unquiet the run of his house (his family he is not able to help pass), an expert on water spirits

Billy Bradley = John Gregory’s apprentice before Tom, died at the hands of  a ripper

Matthew Gilbert = claims to be collecting Tom for Bill, supplies salt to Arkwright, has 2 kids who sometimes help him, on Wednesdays he has a southbound route

Abraham = Arkwright’s father

Selkie = shape-shifter, Tom’s 1st job with Master Arkwright involves one

Amelia = Arkwright’s mother, being held by the Fiend

Tooth = male of Arkwright’s wolfhounds

Claw = female of Arkwright’s wolfhounds, takes to Tom, has two puppies names Blood and Bone

“Bloodeye” Morwena = water witch that hooks Tom in the ear, previously hooked Arkwright has been haunting the waters of the north for years, Mother is Grimsdale, Father is the Fiend, uses Tom as bait for Master Gregory

Mr. Jennings = sand guide that helps Arkwright and Tom, has a fund to help those lost in the water

Judd Atkins = a vegetarian, hermit that lives in Cartmel area, predicts a reunion for Tom & his brothers, predicts that Alice will see her father soon, and that these two cannot be together

Grimalkin = witch assassin, sent by the Malkins to hunt Tom down over the summer, summoned now by Alice to help Tom, claims Morwena and the Fiend are her enemies, bore a human son to the Fiend, the Fiend’s response to her child results her in seeking revenge

“Daft” Deana Beck = has a row boat, agrees to take the Spook, Tom, and Alice to Belle Isle claims she doesn’t deal with witches or the dark


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