Legends and Liars

Legends and Liars (Duelist Trilogy, book 2) by Julia Knight

Read this book and not sure how I feel about the ending, there is too much left unanswered, but no suspenseful cliffhangers.  This book took me so long to finish, because I picked up and read so many other books while I was reading this one.  It is not a bad book, and I enjoy reading about these characters, but it just wasn’t the go to book to read.  I had to take it on a plane with me to force myself to finish reading it after months of having it on my nightstand with a bookmark 100 pages in.

The author keeps using different names for the same character, and I know in real life different people may call you by different names but it was still confusing.  The ending left many thing up in the air, but none are suspenseful cliffhangers.  This might be the problem, the story stops at a logical point but nothing has really been resolved.  I think the character development and the plot twists were appropriate and the story developed and arced nicely.  The problem was I just lost interest around page 100 of what happened to the characters, it was taking too long to move the story from point A to point B.

I don’t want to discourage another reader from this book, especially if they liked the first in the series.  However, I can’t rave about this book.  The book was OK, it wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad either, it was just OK.  For a book lover like me, who has a crate of “to be read” books instead of piles that was the problem.  An OK book is one I can keep around and if I go months without reading it that is fine, but that is because I have books that I can’t put down and will stay up until all hours of the night reading to find out what happens to the my characters.  This book wasn’t one of those, but it wasn’t bad in the sense that I stopped reading it permanently.

My advice for anyone thinking of reading this book, after reading the first book is this:  You have to like he author’s style and you have to be prepared to not have all of your questions answered in this book, in face more questions might arise.

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