Scarlett: The Garnet Fairy

Scarlett the Garnet Fairy: Rainbow Magic (The Jewel Fairies) by Daisy Meadows

I read this roughly 60 page book in about an hour because of a young student today.  I haven’t really been sure what to make of the Rainbow Magic Series, there seems to be a theme for a set of Fairies and several books make up the journey of each set.  This one is the second book in the Jewel Fairy set.  Each book is roughly 60 or so pages, but there are special editions that are longer.

After reading this story, it is a cute, easy to read book for young children who are just starting to read chapter books.  The plot is simple, and each book in a set wraps up a story with the entire set creating a larger story.  This book could be read by itself and be complete or you can read all 7 and find out how the journey ends.  This is nice, because the stories can be read out of order, independently, or in order as a set for a complete journey of the fairies and their task/theme.

Sets include one on ocean fairies, baby animal rescue fairies, fashion fairies, princess fairies, night fairies, music fairies, sports fairies, holiday fairies, and many more.  Each book runs about 4-6 dollars on Amazon.  After reading this one I understand why some of my young/early readers enjoy them and will encourage more to read them.

If you find them cheaper please let me know as I am now going to try and stock up for my students so they can keep reading as many of these books as I can get my hands on.

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