Me Before You

Me Before You by Jojo MoyesLo

I read this book quickly, for two reasons one being that I wanted to read the book before I saw the movie and the second being that I have to give my sister-in-law the book.  With that in mind I didn’t write the character list like a normally do.

Book Review/Summary:

This book was hard to put down.  Book lovers will understand things like sleep and going to work really got in the way of reading this great story.  The main characters of Will and Louisa are easy to relate to and root for.   The story takes place in a small English town, with supporting characters that could be found by just about any hometown of the reader.  I think this might be the secret to this novel, you can easily picture people you know in the story (for good and bad).

The book was not a romance novel, and not a “Cinderella” novel but had aspects of both.  Will and Louisa are so very different and they grow, because of each other and having each other in their lives.  Louisa has to overcome family issues and a deeply personal and traumatic event that happened to her.  Will is dealing with the new reality of his life and his family not wanting to follow his wishes.  Through these circumstances Louisa is introduced into Will’s life and there is the basic plot.  The book made me laugh and made me sad at times.  The characters grow and face many of life realities together.  It is great character development and the author lets you know what supporting characters are thinking.  While I will not give the ending away, I kind of felt an Empty feeling at the end, while realistic and human as it was I am just left with a feeling of not being thrilled but respecting the ending.

Overall, this was such a great read I struggled to put it down, and I highly recommend reading this book.  But, I am not sure if I can read After You, if you have please let me know if you recommend the sequel.

3 thoughts on “Me Before You

  1. After You is quite different. I read Me Before You probably two years ago so there was a long gap. I also loved that book. Louisa is changed, but you’d expect that after what she went through. I wasn’t let down, but I think you almost read the sequel expecting the same elements that made the first unforgettable, which just isn’t possible.


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