I started this as a Google Blog and will probably write the posts there first and then copy them over to here.  As I have several in “draft mode” as I continue to read multiple books at once.

I am a book lover, plain and simple.  My tastes run from a good mystery, to vampire tales, to the classics, to young adult fiction, to biographies, to historical fiction, to nonfiction, to autobiographies, and everything and anything in between.  If someone I trusts tells me it is a good book, or if enough people (of all or any age) tell me it is a good book I will read it.

What I post here are books I read.  The books could have been read for fun, for work, because they were recommended, or it somehow grabbed my attention.

I love to read and my “to be read pile” keeps getting bigger, no matter how much I read.  I hope that my book reviews are able to help other find books to read, to take a break from reality, or become as addicted to reading as I am.

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