The Beast Under the Wizard’s Bridge

The Beast Under the Wizard’s Bridge by John Bellairs and Brad Strickland

Lewis, Uncle Jonathan, Rosa Rita, and Mrs. Zimmermann are out for adventure of the other worldly kind in this adventure. A red comet is approaching earth and an old bridge in New Zebedee is being torn down. What do these two things have in common, magic of course. The old bridge is containing an ancient being that will rise when the red comet passes earth, because of an evil wizard, Jebediah Clabbernong, who cast a spell before he died. Lewis and Rosa Rita are researching one set of possibilities while Uncle Jonathan and Mrs. Zimmermann are working with the Magical Society to try and stop the ancient being from rising out of the river. When both teams collide Lewis and Rosa Rita are able to fill in some gaps for Uncle Jonathan and Mrs. Zimmermann. Mrs. Zimmermann manages to figure out the best way to save the day and sends her magic to space.

Character List/Book Summary:

Lewis – has a bad feeling about the bridge being torn down, and the spooky old farm on the other side of the river. Overhears his uncle and thinks his uncle does not trust him. Brings a bolt from his bedroom clock to the farm and manages to destroy one evil being. This knowledge, the riddle Lewis figured out, and little bolt end up saving the day.

Rosa Rita – thinks Lewis and her should look into the run down farm and writes down the riddle for her and Lewis to try and work on. Braves her fear of closed spaces to listen to the magical society meeting and save Lewis from a well on the old farm.

Jonathan – Lewis’s uncle, suspects that something strange happened at the old farm that involved the meteor. Tells Mrs. Zimmermann about how everything on that farm is dead but  doesn’t feel like it should.

Mrs. Zimmermann – calls the lawyer who handled Elihu Clabbernong’s will and learns of the riddle at the end of it. After hearing about what Lewis did at the farm and the bolt, she figures how to beat the ancient being without using magic towards it.

Elihu Clabbernong – put up the old iron bridge in 1892 using the meteorite that hit the family farm and killed his uncle in 1885. His will had a riddle at the end to help someone in the future with the red comet if it became a problem.

Mephistopheles Moote – Elihu’s lawyer (retired now), knows the red comet is coming and what the being under the bridge is. In trying to raise the being he and his wife argue which gives Lewis and Rosa Rita information to help piece together what is happening.


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