Book Lovers

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Nora, an agent for authors, and Charlie, an editor, got off to a bumpy start when he declined to edit and publish one of her star author’s new book based on a small town outside of Asheville, NC. Later, while Nora is on an extended vacation with her younger sister, Libby, her and Charlie bump into each in a small town outside of Asheville, NC (the one in the book). Through a series of events Charlie and Nora end up editing Nora’s star client next book, based loosely on Nora’s reputation as an agent. While Libby has a list of things to experience and for Nora to try, Nora is trying to figure out what secret her sister is keeping. Nora and Charlie start to realize that while they may seen as having no feelings, they are the rocks their families rely on and they can rely on each other. While completing Libby’s list Nora start to realize that she doesn’t need a person who is different from her, but Charlie who is so much like her is the perfect match. This is such a great read for August (when most of the story takes place) or if you are in the Asheville area for vacation. It was so entertaining and such a cute rom-com that the book was hard to put down.

Character List/Book Summary:

Nora Stephens – has bad luck with dating guys in NYC who always seem to find their perfect person when they go on a vacation to some small town. Has been supporting Libby since their mother died and has found ways to get Libby and her husband financial help when they have needed it.

Libby – Nora’s younger sister. Pregnant with her third child. Plans a trip for her a Nora to a small town, thinks Nora needs to data a guy from the small town since she has not had luck in NYC. Is keeping a few secrets from Nora, one of which comes out when she collapses (she is anemic and no longer a vegetarian).

Charlie Lastra – executive director at a publishing house, grew up in a small town near Asheville, NC. Father had a stroke and he goes home to help. Wants to publish/edit Dusty’s new book and convinces Nora to ask Dusty to let him. Is there for Nora when Libby collapses.

Brendan – Libby’s husband, will join Nora and Libby (with the two girls) for the last week of their “girls trip.” Asks Nora how Libby is doing and is checking in with Nora on how Libby is doing, which makes Nora think the two of them are divorcing.

Dusty Fielding – one of Nora’s clients, Charlie passed on her second book, based on his hometown, which becomes a huge hit. Her third book is based on Nora.

Principal Schroeder – Charlie’s high school principal, thinks Nora is Charlie’s girlfriend

Sally Goode – Charlie’s mom, owns the cabin that Nora and Libby are renting for the month. Tells Charlie that she thinks Nora is attractive. Owns the town bookstore and will not sell it, wants it to remain in the family.

Blake – Libby sets Nora up with him through an app. Nora bails on the date with help from Charlie who thinks that Libby’s list is funny but agrees to help with a few items like trying to be the second date.

Carina – Charlie’s younger sister who tells Charlie she isn’t coming home she is staying in Italy (forcing Charlie to decided if he will go back to NYC or not)

Shephard – Nora meets him on a run, Charlie’s cousin. Nora goes out with him. Went to Cornell was a star quarterback there. Is helping Charlie’s dad with construction business

Amaya – Charlie’s ex, Nora sees that she is still interested in Charlie. Dated Shephard after her and Charlie broke up.

Clint – Sally’s husband. Meets Libby and Nora at the town play and talks to Libby after the party at the bookstore.


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