Daughter of the Deep

Daughter of the Deep by Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan taking on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, was just too tempting to pass by. The humor of Rick Riordan was on display while captivating readers who longed to spend time on the Nautilus. The only complaint, which is with almost all Riordan books, is that I have to wait for a sequel (please let there be one) to come out. Ana Dakkar, descendent of Captain Nemo, has her world tossed upside down and is now put in charge of her classmates and the most important pieces of technology that exist. It would be hard for an adult to handle let alone a freshman at a elite high school.  The end of the book leave much to be explored in any future series, will they rebuild? Will Dev change his thinking? What if there are more secret bases out there? Oh the possibilities are endless. Eagerly awaiting any future books for this very enjoyable cast of characters.

Character List/Book Summary:

Ana Dakkar = freshman at Harding-Pencroft Academy, last descendant of Captain Nemo. Placed in charge of her classmates after the school is attacked and her true identity is revealed (including to her) by the teacher that was taking them out for field exams. Felt like an afterthought when her parents were hiring tutors and piano instructors for her brother. Prefect for House Dolphin. Best friends are Nelinha da Silva and Ester Harding. 

Dev Dakkar = Ana’s older brother, Senior at Harding-Pencroft Academy House Captain for House Shark. Every morning goes for a dive with his sister. Was being groomed to take over the Nautilus. Has resentment that his parents died on a mission for the school.

Tarun and Sita Dakkar = Ana and Dev’s parents, who died 2 years ago on a scientific expedition for the school.

Gemini Twain = freshman, prefect for House Shark, nicknamed Gemini because he has two guns with him most of the time. Ana is not a friend, but he is ordered to protect her at all costs, and supports her leading the freshman class. Mormon from Utah. 

Tia Romero = called Tia because she is an aunt at home. Prefect for Cephalopod, but defers to Nelinha once Ana’s identity is revealed as they are friends.

Nelinha da Silva = one of Ana’s best friends, an orphan who scored well and got into the school. Helps Ana deal with the betrayal they faced and the uncertainty she has about leading her classmates and captaining a special ship. 

Franklin Couch = Prefect for house Orca, spends most of his time trying to keep people alive. Once Ana’s identity is revealed he defers to Ester as she is one of Ana’s friends.

Ester Harding = orphaned when she was 6 years old, grew up at the school and “managed” by the Board of Trustees, because her family was one who started the school. Autistic, keeps index cards to help her organize thoughts. Top is her emotional support dog and helps all those on the ship.

Dr. Hewett = teaches Theoretical Marine Science. Was taking the freshman on field exams when the school was attacked. Reveals to everyone, including Ana, who she really is and why she is important. He used to teach at the Land Institute. He is sick and is not able to fully tell Ana what is important about the destination and why her DNA is so important. 

Caleb South = Land Institute student, helps attack the freshman, indicates it is important that Ana be kept alive.

Luca Barsanti = is on the secret base and was there when Ana’s parents died. Tries to help the freshman understand the Nautilus.

Ophelia = Luca’s wife, friend to Ana’s parents

Jupiter = orangutan who signs to communicate and loves a British baking show, tries to copy many of the recipes. 

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