Portrait of a Scotsman

Portrait of a Scotsman by Evie Dunmore

The biggest problem with this book, is that the author will not be making more in this series. In following this group of ladies we have seen three of the four main characters find a happy romance with men that respect their minds and bodies. Here Hattie and Lucian don’t seem to find that balance right away but do find it after a series of childish games and realize that love from the other one is something they value. Hattie is set up by Lucian who is trying to be more respected in society, and caught in a compromising position they are forced to marry. Once married, Hattie starts plotting an escape only to realize how much she cares for Lucian. Lucian married Hattie for respect that her family would bring, but realizes that he cares for his crazy wife and her ideas. However, one act of betrayal sets them back and a pause in their marriage sets them up for a great reconciliation.

Character List/Book Summary:

Hattie Greenfield – has trouble writing (word blindness as she calls it), art is to be her excelling talent, forced to marry Lucian because she leaned into a kiss. Tells Lucian she hoped to marry a friend, if not someone she truly loves. Tries to annoy Lucian when she found out he plotted to have a kiss seen, and then used her to broker a deal with her father. Realizes the man Lucian because and part of how he got there is why he does many of the things he does.

Lucian Blackstone – realizes Hattie is Greenfield’s daughter when they first meet, even if she claims she is someone else. Tells Hattie she knows his given name and many do not

Lucie – warns Hattie about Lucian’s darker side and offer to send her to Paris to hide from him if that is ever needed.

Julian Greenfield – Hattie’s father, wants certain assets that Blackstone has and agrees to negotiate for his daughter’s hand in marriage in exchange for those assets. Lucian agrees to sell them at a discounted price because even forced into marriage he knows Greenfield will try and make Lucian respected in society because will be a son-in-law.

Sorcha – Lucian’s family, who he wants revenge for how they died.

Aoife – a female informant that meets with Lucian every two weeks. Her comments to Hattie show that Lucian is predictable to some degree and that he cares for Hattie.

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