Kind is the New Classy

Kind is the New Classy: The Power of Living Graciously by Candace Cameron Bure

I listened to this book, which is read by the author, and I recommend listening if you can. The author does bring her faith into sections and parts of the book, however it is not off putting to those who are not of the same faith. The message the author conveys is that being kind no matter the circumstances and differences between people is what is important. In today’s work being kind is not always easy, but it is when you are kind it better for your mental health. The act of being kind is sometimes not engaging with someone who is being negative and attacking and other times seeking to understand why the other person is upset and where they are coming from. I enjoyed listening because it was a nice book to listen to while walking, and I am sure reading it would be just as good. I think everyone can use a reminder to just be kind.

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