Bad Days in History

Bad Days in History: A Gleefully Grim Chronicle by Michael Farquhar

I have read another of the author’s historical books, and love the “gleefully grim” aspects of history. I had every intention of reading one day and taking the entire year to finish the book, but some days it was just too hard to put the book down after reading just one day.  The book is more of a comedy than a sad history of the world.  The best part of this book, is that it is world history that covers the entire history of humankind. If you are looking for a book that will make you smile, shake your head in disbelief, and chuckle with delight this is the book. Best of all, you can put the book down for days, weeks, or months, and pick back up without worrying you forgot something. Impress your friends with random trivia or open to a random page and read a strange fact.

It would be a bad day in history for you to not enjoy reading this book.

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