The Philosopher’s Flight

The Philosopher’s Flight by Tom Miller

The book was an enjoyable read, yet not a book that I could not put down. I like the characters enough to keep the book, but not enough to buy the sequel when it comes out. I think the character development was good, the story lines drew me in, but there was something about it that just made it so-so for me. This was not a page turner, yet it was engaging. This was not a nail-biter, yet it had tense moments. This was not a love story, yet there was romance for some characters (including the main character). It was a good story, and I would recommend it to any person who likes worlds that are here in reality and include magic/fantasy or historical fiction. As much as I wanted to love this book, and find a new series I would be preordering the next book, this one was just not it.  I cannot tell you why, it has what I usually like in a book/series – good character development, a world that has magic and reality intermingling, romance without too many details or being a romance novel, laughable moments, and heartwarming moments.   I think most people would like this book and the series, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new series to think about reading.


Character List/Book Summary:

Robert Weekes = main character, male who can fly, wants to be in the Rescue and Evac squad since he was a child, accepted to Radcliffe, worries about his mother and the Trenchers, falls in love with Danielle, is an outcast at his school due to him being male in a female field and school.

Danielle Hardin = Hero of Hellespont, fought Robert in the Cocks and Hens match, starts dating Robert after she knocked him unconscious in the fight. Father is a pastor in New England, family is weathly

Dr. Synge = saves Robert and his mom, knows Robert’s mom from the Disturbances, thinks Robert could do Rescue and Evac, helps him get into Radcliffe.

Janet Brock = flight instructor at Radcliffe, helps Robert get special equipment as he excels in flying and rescuing people

Freddy Unger = Robert’s roommate at Radclifffe, loves bow-ties, helps Robert come up with a plan for the flight, able to do theory better than practical, and helps Robert keep his grades up and pass all his classes.

Emmaline Weekes = Robert’s mom, does not allow Robert to sign up for war when the fighting starts, and tells him he will never make it Rescue and Evac. Fought and killed Trenchers when she was younger, Robert does not remember that much.

Angela = Robert’s half sister that taught him to fly and moved away to New York City

Lew Hansen = Gallatin County sheriff, tells Robert about the Trenchers and what his mom used to do, along with Dr. Synge.

Maxwell Gannet = Trencher in Boston, put Danielle and Robert on a list of people to kill, preaches that women should not be doing magic and inspires his followers to try and kill them. Is getting senile in his old age, attacks Danielle more than once.

Gloxinia “Jake” Jacobi = meets Robert in the train station, helps him get the lay of the land at school. Tells Robert the truth when he needs it and supports him when he needs that too.

Delores Isadora “Dizzy” Gutierrez = Jake’s roommate, has a crush on Freddy

Rachel Rodgers = senior flight instructor at Radcliffe, does not approve of Robert and leads the girls in trying to get him expelled every chance she gets

Sarah Essie Stewart = wants to be in Rescue and Evac as well, trains with Robert, wins The Cup, goes to try outs with Robert

Dean Murchison = Dean of Empirical Philosophy, Robert’s adviser

Ms. Addams = Special Assistant to the Dean, takes care of Robert, filters Danielle’s mail so she does not see the worst threats people make against her, assigns protection to Danielle and Robert when they make the news for saving people.

Brian Fenwick Mayweather = other male at Radcliffe, helps Robert with knowing how to date, ends up dating Jake

Dimiti Ivanovich = good at acrobatics, meets Robert at the Hens and Cocks fight, helps Robert train when Robert is learning how to flare.

Nancy Durstman = Robert nearly drowned rescuing her from the River, dad is president of 4th largest insurance company, Robert is able to get an arrangement from him after his first year in college.

Vivian = Robert’s older sister, almost a mother figure to him, tells him about his dad and gives him advice on what to do about Danielle and Max.




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