Compliance 101

Compliance 101 by Debbie Troklus & Sheryl Vacca

I always struggle with if I should include books that I read for work on this blog, and usually end up including them. If I read them I should include them, they might not be read by most people who follow this blog (or anyone) but I read them and my blog is reviews of books I read.

While the topic is compliance 101, it is geared towards healthcare compliance.  This book is a great overview of basic information on what healthcare compliance should be. The 7 requirements for effective compliance can be used in any realm that requires a compliance department/team. The reading was not detailed enough that it would put one to sleep, and that means if you want details or to read the federal register, federal rule, or agency publication you will have to go and put in extra work.  It is a great resource of information and where to find more information for a person who is starting out in healthcare compliance, wants to take HCCA certification exams, and/or needs a reference book to know where to find regulations and statutes.

For anyone in healthcare compliance I think this book should be on your shelf.

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