The Burning Page

The Burning Page: An Invisible Library Novel by Genevieve Cogman

I tried waiting to read this novel until closer to the fourth book will be published, but I just couldn’t wait.  I love these characters and the adventures they take me on.  I have my suspicions on what might happen to a few of them and can’t wait to see what the author has in store for some of my new favorite characters.

Book Review/Summary:

SPOILER: Irene, Kai, and Vale are all relatively safe at the end of the novel. Having said that, the way the author crafts the adventures makes it such an amazing read.  Irene knows she is being hunted and she knows she can trust her inner-most circle but has some Doubt about who is helping her verse who is helping Alberich and if the Senior Librarians are doing the right thing.  I personally have some questions on who Alberich is really looking for, and the suspense of waiting for the next installment is heartbreaking.

Irene has some close calls and Kai is always by her side and ready to protect her.  I love these two and how their relationship is growing.  Vale is suffering from complications due to his trip to Venice.  With risky options on how to save him and many people wanting different things out of him, his story is an interesting sideline.  The three main characters are separated at times, but keep circling back to each other and how they need each other as a team to succeed.  There will be repercussions for decisions made and actions taken in Russia, London, and in The Library.  I think what was surprising about the attempts on Irene’s life was not the who was behind it, but the how the attempts were made.

Character List and Summary:

Irene “Winters” = suffering official displeasure, on probation, Kai’s mentor, Junior Librarian, tries to figure out who is trying to kill her, how to stop Alberich, and save The Library.

Kai “Strongrock” = a Royal Water Dragon, Irene’s student, protects Irene, has feelings that are never outright stated towards Irene.

Peregrine Vale = lives at 221b Baker Street, a great detective, suffering from chaos infestation

Alberich = traitor to the Library, attacking the Library, seen as Count Nicoli Ilyich head of the Oprichniki on Irene’s emergency mission

Li Ming = servant of Kai’s uncle, Ao Shun, who is offering to pay for Irene’s housing and protection, also willing to offer The Library protection from Alberich

Singh = Inspector at Scotland Yard, friend of Vale, not in favor of Irene being involved with Vale since she has caused him trouble

Zayanna = Fae from Venice adventure in Vale’s world, came to Irene for asylum claiming her patron threw her out, tells Irene she is under threat, can travel between worlds/spheres on her own.  Bring Irene to another sphere when Irene decides what she must do.

Silver = most powerful Fae in Vale’s London, offers one solution to how to fix Vale’s chaos infestation

Penemue = Junior Librarian, has heard of Irene, feels the Library should be on offense not defense with Alberich’s attack

Bradamant = Librarian, unsure of friend/enemy role with Irene, claims to want to attack Alberich instead of playing defense, but does not have a solid plan

Ananke = pink-haired librarian at the emergency meeting

Murasaki – Librarian who recruited Kai, did not realize he was a dragon, at emergency meeting

Melusine = Senior Librarian in wheelchair

Mr. Dawkins = werewolf, leader of a pack, decides not to interfere with Irene when he realizes there is a list of people trying to kill her.

Davey = werewolf, took a job against Irene without Dawkins’ knowledge

Celia = female werewolf, park of Dawkins pack

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