Lure of the Dead

The Last Apprentice: Lure of the Dead by Joseph Delaney

Tom Ward discovers the sacrifice that must be made to destroy the Fiend, and starts to take steps towards fulfilling his destiny. Alice realizes what her fate will be and prepares to accept it if they cannot find an alternative way to defeat the fiend. Grimalkin helps Tom and the Spook as they are trapped by Romanian demons. Tom starts to take his place as the Spook, as Spook Gregory is becoming weakened after each adventure. A former apprentice, Judd Brinscall, is introduced and in an effort to help he returns to the North and Bill’s old territory.

This book in the series was a turning point for Tom, and Alice, as each realizes what their future holds that their powers are getting stronger. Grimalkin helps Alice and Tom see what must be done and give them strength to push forward in time of challenge. The book made me eager for the next installment.

Character List/Book Summary:

Tom Ward = Finds out he will have to kill Alice to defeat the Fiend, is unsure if he will be able to to do that. Kills Fresque’s partner. Makes a deal with the Boggart that he will protect the house until 3 days after Tom dies. Realizes he will be taking over for Spook Gregory and that he has to start acting like a Spook instead of an apprentice. Promises Slake that he will be at her side if she ever needs him, because he owes her and that they are family of a sort.

Spook Gregory = sends Tom off with Alice to learn how to hobble the Fiend by Halloween. Is captured by Mistress Fresque. Realizes that Tom is the future, because he is getting weaker after each adventure. Tries to rebuild the library and his house.

Alice = disappears and when she returns tells Tom and the Spook that Tom has to hobble the Fiend by Halloween (5 months from now), is using dark magic more, has predicted her own death and knows that Tom has to killer her to kill the Fiend. Is prepared to go into the dark again to help Tom get the third item needed to kill the Fiend. Is willing to be sacrificed if that is what is needed when the time comes.

Mistress Fresque = offered to sell the Spook part of her library at a reasonable price, uses Judd to help trick Tom and the Spook. After capturing Spook Gregory, she demands the Tom bring Grimalkin and the Fiend’s head to her.

Agnes Sowerbutts = dead witch that Alice gives strength to, when she was alive she trained Alice. Agnes promises to help try and fight the dark witches that want to help the Fiend and hurt Alice and Tom

Slide = Tom’s aunt, give him the 2nd sacred object needed to defeat the Fiend.

Grimalkin = witch assassin, has the Fiend’s head, realizes Alice is getting stronger, Spook Gregory is getting weaker, and encourages Tom to defeat the dark forces he is facing.

Zenobia = 1st Lamia, Tom’s mom, tells Tom that he must sacrifice what he loves most to defeat the Fiend. Pushes him forward when he is struggling to fight the dark and old gods.

Judd Brinscall = Gregory’s former apprentice who knows Mistress Fresque, betrays Tom and the Spook, tries to help Tom after Tom saves him. After helping Tom and Spook Gregory return home he agrees to take the dogs and return to Bill’s former home in the North to defend the North against the Dark.

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