Valley of the Dolls

Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susan

I am torn about putting this one on here, because I could not actually finish reading this book I disliked it so much.  I got 100 pages in and could not stand a single character, and found it difficult to continue reading.  I finally gave up and am writing this to ask why is this book so popular? what makes people think this is such a masterpiece? Am I really the only one who didn’t like this book?

I had originally intended this to be my beach book last fall, but a hurricane postponed the trip and I thought, why not give this book a try.  I am so thankful that I didn’t take this with me on a trip, where I would be stuck without a local bookstore to browse through and find another book to love and read.

This book is heading to a nearby free library for someone else to read and see if they like.  Seriously, I just could not get behind any of the characters I found them annoying, lacking in common sense, being too dreamy/wishful to think clearly, and overall shallow.  Maybe this really was a book that was great at the time, and worthy of the praise and movie, but is not my favorite genre so it is harder to read.

Did anyone read this and find it a great read? If so, what am I missing about this book? What makes these characters so great? Why is it so special?

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