Time’s Convert

Time’s Convert by Deborah Harkness

A sequel to the All Souls Trilogy, and at the same time a completely different story.  Marcus and Phoebe are the central characters of this book, while still allowing Matthew and Diana (along with other family members) to have key roles. It is nice to see how the family is growing while Marcus spends time with them as Phoebe completes her transition to a vampire in Paris without him, per tradition. Family drama for both Marcus and Phoebe keep their 90 days apart interesting.  The author seemlessly bring beloved characters, and those you love to hate, into the story so that you can continue to follow along with characters while developing two supporting characters from the trilogy.  I love this author and hope she continues to write about the characters in this wonderfully realistic and magical world.

Character List/Book Summary:

Phoebe Taylor = warmblood about to become a vampire, along with her fiance she has decided to transition the traditional way that requires the two of them to be apart for the first 90 days Phoebe is a vampire. Marcus will see her after 90 days and Phoebe will decide if she wishes to mate with Marcus or not. After transitioning she is given a cat to feed from and is told not to name it, instead she keeps it as a pet.

Marcus de Clermont (or Whitmore or MacNeil) = Phoeve’s fiance, a vampire, stays with Matthew (his father) and Diana while Phoebe is in Paris, while not allowed to talk to her for 90 days he gets updates from his aunt and there are disposable cell phones for when they want to break the rules. Tells Diana about his past over the summer. Cares about equality, fought in the American Revolutionary war as a human and in the French Revolution as a vampire. Studied medicine and is a doctor.

Freyja = Marcus’s aunt (his maker’s step-sister). Promised Marcus she would stay with Phoebe until they reunited, Marcus is allowed to call her Fanny and refers to her as Fanny. Raised Marcus and taught him the rules of being a vampire and de Clarmont since Matthew stayed in America after creating him and shipping him to France with Gallowglass.

Edward Taylor = Phoebe’s father, a career diplomat, has a heart attack during the 90 days Phoebe is transitioning.

Padma Taylor = Phoebe’s mother, tells her she is doing the right thing. Understands why Phoebe cannot turn her father into a vampire after his heart attack.

Stella Taylor = Phoebe’s sister, helped smuggle 3 phones to Phoebe so she could stay in touch with Marcus, sees Phoebe out with Jason and threatens her, is upset with Phoebe for not turning her father into a vampire when he has a heart attack.

Philippe de Clermont = Freyja’s father, Matthew’s father, and Marcus’s grandfather. always watched others and guided what they did. Makes Marcus promise not to father other vampires, sends Matthew to correct the situation when Marcus makes children in America. Haunts the house as a ghost that Diana can see.

Francois = Freyja’s servant, a servant of the de Clermont family, scolds Phoebe when she acts up, and gains her respect as Phoebe sees the value of her role

Baldwin = Matthew’s brother, head of the de Clermont clan, would be one of Phoebe’s first male visitors. Dotes on Becca, one of Diana and Matthew’s twins, but argues with Matthew and Diana about binding their children.

Miriam = the one who will be Phoebe’s maker, is not thrilled with Phoebe’s lack of respect for tradition, teaches her how to be a vampire.

Ysabeua de Clermont = family’s matriarch, goes to Matthew when Marcus runs to Paris and goes between where Matthew, Diana, Marcus, and the family are staying to her home during the summer.

Matthew de Clermont = Marcus’s maker, recently married Diana and created a scandal by having Bright-born twins, argues with Baldwin about his children, tries to keep Marcus distracted and calm while he is away from Phoebe.

Diana = a witch who mated and married a vampire, Matthew. Senses danger/trouble coming when Matthew brings Marcus back. Sees Marcus’s troubled threads and gets him to open up about his past to help reduce the darkness and bring a balance to him, uses a disguise spell on Phoebe when she has to go to the hospital to see her father, and on Apollo when they return to the states

Becca = one of Matthew and Diana’s twins, is jealous of Apollo and bites, causing trouble with Baldwin

Philip = one of Matthew and Diana’s twins, works his first spell on Marcus when he tries to make his dark threads better resulting in a griffin, Apollo, arriving as his familiar.

Alain = Philippe’s former squire and helps Matthew reign in Marcus when he runs

Marthe = Alain’s maker and makes everything run smoothly in the households

Chris Roberts = Yale colleage of Diana and Matthew, and Diana owes him money because the twins are weavers

Obadiah MacNeil = Marcus’s biological father, was abusive

Claes Vanderslice = Marcus’s friend and fellow solider from the American Revolution, Marcus offers to turn him when he is dying of yellow fever. Falls in with the wrong crowd and ends up dead one morning.

Jason = son of Miriam’s former mate, now part of Phoebe’s family. Took Phoebe on her first hunt and several walks around Paris.

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