The House With a Clock in its Walls

The House With a Clock in its Walls: Lewis Barnavelt Series by John Bellairs

The movie cannot do this book justice.  The cast of characters is being developed as the story goes, but does not reveal all in the first book in the series.  Lewis goes to live with his uncle after his parents die in a car accident, and Lewis learns his Uncle Jonathan is a wizard and there is a hidden clock of doom in the house he now lives in.  An outcast at school he tries to make friends by raising the dead, and he is successful which lead to a powerful witch trying to kill many.  Lewis uses his smarts to outwit the witch and save the day.  A great quick read that hooks readers into wanting to read more in the series.

Cast of Characters & Book Summary:

Lewis Barnavelt = 10 years old, asks his Uncle Jonathan to show Tarby moon magic, raises the dead, and figures out how to stop the witch from starting the death clock.

Jonathan van Olden Barnavelt = Lewis’s uncle, had never met until Lewis showed up in New Zebedee.  A warlock, was going to be a farmer until he was left a bunch of money.  There is ticking in the walls of his house and Jonathan tries to hide it by having a bunch of clocks in his house.

Mrs. Florence Zimmerman = Jonathan’s neighbor and best friend, a witch/maga/enchantrix, got a Doctor Magicorum Artium in Germany, has a thing for the color purple, plays poker with Jonathan and Lewis. Is helping Jonathan try and find the clock and stop the evil witch.

Serenna Izard = Isaac’s wife, died before him, unknown how she died. Lewis brings her back to life and she returns home at the right phase of the moon to try and start the death clock.

Isaac Izard = old owner of the house that Jonathan lives in, a warlock, fooled around with Black Magic

Tarby = most popular boy in school, daredevil, teaches Lewis how to hit a baseball, went to the cemetery with Lewis, has 9 brothers and sisters. Makes fun of Lewis when Lewis goes to him for help about Serenna. Lewis realizes he was not a real friend.

Hanchetts = lived across the street from Lewis and Jonathan, friendly middle aged couple, moved out on the 3rd of December and blamed Jonathan for what made them leave New Zebedee.

Hammerhandle = hobo in New Zebedee, reputation for being able to foretell the future, helping the new people move in, threatens Lewis.

Mrs. O’Meagher = Jonathan tells Lewis this is who moved in, that she is crabby, an old lady, and not to go over to her house, Jonathan tells Mrs. Zimmerman that he thinks she is Serenna.

Rosa Rita Pottinger = Lewis’s friend, knows names of different kinds of cannons.

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